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The grind is easy with MaFutGrind

MaFutGrind is a sniping tool, with many advanced features, it helps you to trade in FIFA 21, with getting players for cheap price and resell them for a higher price as an example, otherwise you can go for the high priced players and snipe them for a very low cheap price.

What make MaFutGrind the best sniping tool in the market ?

Here are many features that exist in MaFutGrind with a cheap price.


You set a filter, then you start sniping, when the bot find a player it will buy it automatically without your interaction.

Transfer List

When the bot find a player and snipe it, he will send to the transfer list without your interaction.

Anti Captcha

A system to avoid getting captcha and soft ban is integrated, so receiving captcha will be less than usual.

Buy and Supply

Auto buy and sell players with a defined price by you from settings, for example buying a player for 700 coins and sell it for 3K.

Long Term Updates

When you will get one of the packs of MaFutGrind, you will have the access to the update for the whole year of that pack you've picked.


We are giving filters for the new buyers, so we help them for the first 2 weeks until they understand how it really works, and how they find good filers.

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To make a team

  • 1 Account
  • Autobuyer
  • Send to Transfer List
  • Futbin integration
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For pro traders

$299/ YEARLY
  • Up to 8 accounts
  • Pay as You Go after 8 accounts
  • Include all the features
  • Statistics and Reporting
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